Graduates of the faculty at the end of high school will be awarded the qualification:

  • Psycologist,
  • Clinical psychology,
  • Professor of psychology.

Graduated specialist clinical psychology department should:
– Know the subject matter and structure of clinical psychology as a psychological specialty generalist having a cross-sectoral in nature and involved in solving complex problems in health care, education, and social assistance
– Understand the direction of practical and research activity of clinical psychologists to improve the mental resources and adaptive capacities of man, to health and overcome the ailments
– Have knowledge about the subjects, problems, and prospects of development of neuropsychology, the basic laws of brain organization of APF and its evolution in ontogenesis; own methodology of the analysis of syndromic disorders VPF
– Have knowledge of the subject, practical problems, and current problems psychopathology; phenomenology know and be skilled pathopsychological qualification consciousness disorders of perception, memory, thinking, an emotional-personal sphere with mental illness and borderline personality disorders
– Know the main directions of modern psychosomatic research, to understand the role of early ontogenesis in the occurrence of psychosomatic disorders, own methods of research into changes of the cognitive and emotional-personal sphere of chronic somatic diseases, psychosomatic understanding for the development of general and clinical psychology
– Have a holistic view of the content and the practical importance of the problem of abnormal mental development, the laws of mental diseases and disorders of mental development in children, typologies of dysontogenesis and the principles of correctional and educational work with children
– Know the basics of counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological correction, have an understanding of the basic theories and methods of modern psychotherapy, to know the basic problems of rehabilitative training and rehabilitation
– Have necessary knowledge in the field of medical disciplines such as psychiatry, pediatric psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine clinic, psychopharmacology and psychopharmacotherapy
– Know clinical and psychological aspects of diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of personality disorders, delinquent behavior, drug and alcohol abuse
– Know the features of the clinical and psychological research in expert practice
– Know and use neuropsychological methods and pathopsychological diagnosis, diagnosis of anomalies in the norm and in pathology; own projective methods of clinical psycho-diagnostics and methods of diagnosis and correction in psychosomatic disorders
– Actual operation on the basis of hospitals, medical centers, schools, psychological counseling and so forth. to master complex skills to successfully solve various applied professional tasks in the field of abnormal psychology, neuropsychology, psychosomatic, child clinical psychology, psychological correction and psychotherapy, developmental and rehabilitative training.

In addition, the person must have a thorough knowledge and own methods of research and practical skills according to the profile of specialization in clinical psychology such sections as:
– psychology abnormal development,
– psychoprophylaxis and rehabilitation
– psychological counseling, psycho-correction, and the basics of psychotherapy.