Medical cybernetics


Students of the Specialty  Medical cybernetics receive extensive training in the fields of physics, biophysics, biochemistry, clinical laboratory diagnostics, all types of radiation diagnostics, medical informatics and cybernetics, programming and working with databases.

Medical cybernetics is a science exploring the laws of obtaining, storing, transmitting and transforming information in the human body. Based on the creation of simulation models, including mathematical ones, medical cybernetics makes it possible to interface complex technical devices with control systems, which helps to create new solutions for improving the quality of life of sick people.

The widest spectrum of interest of this new science includes computational diagnostics of diseases. In particular, mathematical modeling of the processes that occur during the development of the disease and the search for solutions to its treatment in the virtual world. In addition, there is another area of ​​computational diagnostics, which is associated with the processing of a huge array of personalized data and the construction of possible options for the development of pathology based on the results of this processing.

The field of graduates ‘professional activity includes medico-cybernetic studies aimed at creating conditions for the protection of citizens’ health.

Professional activity:

  • Medical;
  • System analysis;
  • Information technology;
  • Organizational and managerial;
  • Research and production and design;
  • Research

The cybernetic doctor is prepared for independent work in cybernetics positions, cybernetics doctor, statistician, biologist, laboratory assistant researcher, a research engineer in medical institutions, a researcher in research and development institutions.


It is a new, dynamically developing specialty. With the increasing complexity of diagnostic equipment and the universal computerization of health care, the need for medical cybernetics will only grow. They can work both in specialized research centers and in the staff of large clinics. Doctors of this direction in cardiology and surgery are especially in demand. The average salary of a novice specialist is 35-40 thousand rubles. Experienced cybernetics earn 100 or more thousand.